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Selected Presentations

Frequently Requested Presentation Topics:

"How to Form Your Grassroots Organization"

"Motivating Your Troops to Participate in the Grassroots Effort"

"Grassroots Organizing to Participate in Legislative Debates at the State and Federal Level"

"The Key Contact Constituency Group Approach to Grassroots"

"Understanding the Difference Between Grassroots and Astro-Turf"

"Decision-making in Washington: The Issues, The Players and the Process"

"Congress, Committees and the Legislative Process"

"Financial Institution Reform: Where We Have Come From and Where We Are Going With Banks, Savings and Loans, and Securities Markets"

"The Impact of the Presidential and Congressional Elections"

"Comparative Public Policy-Making: Preparing to Operate in Foreign Markets"

Selected Presentations:

Constituency Involvement
Edison Electric Institute, Phoenix, AZ

Grassroots Participation in the Legislative Process
Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI

The Clinton Administration and the Mid-term Elections
Instinet Corporation-Georgetown University American Investment Seminar, Washington, DC

Getting the Most Out of Your Grassroots Program
Public Affairs Council, St. Petersburg, FL

The Issues, the Players, and the Process in Washington
W.R. Grace Company, Washington, DC

U.S. Trade Policy
Grocery Product Manufacturers Association, Toronto, Canada

Shaping the National Agenda: The Role of Congress
American Bakers Association, Washington, DC

What to Expect at the Federal Level
AMAX Corporation, Chicago, IL

How Congress Works
Kodak Company, Washington, DC

Lobbying and Representation in the Political Process
Institutional Investor Series, Palm Beach FL

Congressional Action and the Current Congress
Merck & Company, Washington, DC

The Role of the Capitol Hill Staff
McCaw Communications, Washington, DC

On the Benefits of Public Involvement
Capital Holding Corporation, Louisville, KY

The Role of the Congress in the Formation of Federal Financial Institution Policy
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Dallas, TX

Contemporary Public Policy Issues: Their Meaning for Business
Emory University Business School, Sea Island, GA

Grassroots Constituency Development
Centel Corporation, West Palm Beach, FL

Energy Policy in the Congress
Mid West Gas Association, Cincinnati, OH

Understanding Public Policy in the Congress
Glaxo Incorporated, Amelia Island, FL

The Public Policy Process and Your Role in It
Forging Industry Association, San Diego, CA

From Washington to Sacramento: Dealing with State and Federal Government
Pacific Gas & Electric Company, San Ramon, CA

Congressional Banking Committees and the Development of Public Policy
Delaware Bankers Association, Wilmington, DE

Grassroots Organizing for Participation in Legislative Debate
DowElanco, Olympia, WA

Joining the Policy-making Process
Nebraska Agricultural-Chemical Association, Lincoln, NE

Public Policy Players and Process
Public Service of New Jersey, Inc., Newark, NJ

Ethics in the Workplace and Society
Association of Academic Surgical Administrators, Seattle, WA

Participating in the Grassroots Network
Quorum Group, Nashville, TN

Fine-tuning Your Grassroots Network
INGAA Foundation, Park City, UT

Policy Trends in the Financial Institutions Industry
Sungard Financial, Hyannis, MA

Effective Organizing at the State and Federal Levels
Consumers Power Company, South Haven, MI

Using Grassroots Networks as an Educational Tool
DowElanco, Helena, MT

Power of the Constituency
California Citrus Growers Association, Visalia, CA

Implementing an Effective Grassroots Program
Exxon Corporation, Washington, DC

Working with the Federal Government: Opportunity for the Private Sector
W.E. Long Company, Las Vegas, NV

Integrating Public and Private Sectors
Advanced Business Institute on Adaptive Enterprise, IBM Corporation, Palisades, NY

Evaluating the Clinton Administration
Georgetown University-Thamesway Incorporated Global Investment Forum, Beaver Creek, CO

Developing a Grassroots Perspective on Federal Policy
Mass Mutual Insurance Company, El Conquistador, Puerto Rico

Policy-making in the Legislative Branch
The Brookings Institute, Senior Federal Executive Program, Williamsburg, VA

Implementing the Grassroots Network
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Foundation, San Antonio, TX

Policy-making: The Federal Perspective
President's Class, IBM Corporation, Atlanta, GA

Charged With a Mission
Keynote Address, National Association of Life Underwriters, Annual Convention, San Antonio, TX

Changing Trends in Federal Policy-making
Keynote Address, Motorola, Public Policy Seminar, Washington, DC

Developing an Ethics Code in the Private Sector
Lockheed Corporation, Emory University School of Business, Atlanta GA

Regulatory Reform and the Savings and Loan Crisis
Cornell University School of Business, Washington, DC

The Meaning of the 1994 Elections
Health Alliance Legislative Organization, New Orleans, LA



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