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Grassroots Program Development

Next Step for Grassroots Effectiveness

If you have followed the recommendations in the various sections of this GATE website, your results should include:

  1. A mission statement for your program

  2. A description of how your program works

  3. A listing of how your program is organized

  4. An explanation of who can participate

  5. A measurement which defines success for the program

  6. A series of steps for those who want to join your program

When 1-6 above are completed, your program is ready to move to a higher level of more detailed activity.

What steps occur next to increase the effectiveness of your program?

  1. Form a group task force on your legislative issues
  2. Develop a one-page profile form to be completed by members of your group
  3. Develop a list of responsibilities for participants in each job category
  4. If your program becomes a state-wide or national program, an organization diagram should be designed to help others in the program understand how their efforts fit into the total project
  5. Form a Key Contact Constituency Group (KCCG) within each legislative district at the local, state or national levels. Connect each KCCG to a specific legislator
  6. Develop a brief materials package with instructions for each KCCG member
  7. Form an accountability mechanism and, eventually, a measurement tool to assess the annual accomplishments of the KCCG regarding individual legislators, legislative committees of jurisdiction and/or entire legislative bodies
  8. Develop legislative recess instructions for your participants
  9. Design and implement guidelines for your participants for use when they meet with legislators
  10. Design and develop meeting summary and feedback forms for forwarding results to a central information location
  11. Design and reproduce a single format for participant briefing sheets
  12. Design a recruitment procedure and a participant recruitment team
  13. Design, develop and implement a one-page quarterly update newsletter to be sent to every participant---emphasize specific recognition of participants and progress toward the group's goals
  14. Design and develop a one-hour training module for use at all levels
  15. Implement an annual data processing review and recommendations for procedural changes
  16. Streamline your program graphics to increase the visual recognition of your efforts by participants and non-participants alike.

Clearly, time is required to complete these steps for increasing the effectiveness of your grassroots organization. Be careful to avoid trying to do too much too soon.

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Check the IDEA EXCHANGE here to review what other grassroots networks are using effectively or leaving behind. Or, if you're in need of more advanced, more extensive, or more specific guidance, visit the KGA section to see what Kevin Gottlieb and Associates can offer.

A grassroots network is always developing. Avoid viewing the grassroots network construction process as having an end. The best grassroots networks are always building. The GATE website will be building along with all the grassroots networks throughout the world.



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