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The following glossary is designed to clarify the terminology used within this site, and generally in the grassroots advocacy/public policy arena. These are not dictionary definitions, they are simple explanations of common usage within the context of politics and advocacy.

accountability mechanism
a method (form) for making sure participants do their tasks

appointed officials
public officials who are not elected but conduct public service

combination of individuals or groups to increase their power

committees of jurisdiction
legislative issues in legislatures are assigned to a committee which specializes in handling that issue

conference committee
Congressional committee consisting of House and Senate committees of jurisdiction with responsibility to reach a compromise

confidentiality agreement
a written document, signed by all parties, to protect against disclosure of sensitive information

Congressional committee
a defined group of Congress Members to handle legislation

individuals living within an elected official's district or state

contact delivery capacity
ability of a person to persuade an elected or appointed official to support an issue or action

data processing review
process to review data collection, handling and dissemination

formal discussion of legislative issues in a legislative body

Executive Branch agencies
institutions which report to the President, Governor or Mayor

feedback forms
documents to register and transmit information to databanks

financial sources
individuals and groups with eligible and acceptible contributions

foot soldiers
people who volunteer to work in the grassroots effort

acronym for "Grassroots Advocacy Training Exchange", the place for training those interested in grassroots efforts

GATE Forum
area in GATE website for users to share their views and ideas

geographical reach
the area in which an individual or group has potential influence

local areas where individuals live (and vote) and groups operate

group task force
unit formed to carry out an assignment for the grassroots entity

Idea Exchange
area in the GATE website devoted to information exchanges

Key Contact Constituency Group
the most powerful grassroots message/action tool

acronym for the Key Contact Constituency Group

officials elected,at all levels,to pass legislation for laws

legislative bodies
groups of elected officials, typically called the Senate and the House, where legislation is debated and voted upon

legislative contacts
individuals within legislatures who are contacted by constituents for discussions of legislation and public policy-making

legislative district
geographic area which contains the legislator's constituents

legislative recess
time period when legislators return home to their District

process by which legislators and their staff change proposed legislation to increase Member support and the chance for passage

materials package
brief printed materials which are given to legislators and staff

mass media
print and electronic coverage and analysis of legislative activity for distribution to any interested party

media outlets
organizations which generate and/or transmit legislative analysis

mission statement
statement of purpose for the grassroots organization issuing it

monitoring mechanisms
observation procedures to guarantee the maintenance of quality

the organization established to conduct grassroots activities

network construction process
process by which a grassroots network is designed and built

organization diagram
graphic picture of the individuals in the grassroots organization and the names, titles, ect. of those to whom they report

participant team
individuals in the grassroots organization with specific tasks

private-sector interest group
company, association, etc.,with a defined set of group interests

professional association
doctors, teachers, etc., with a defined set of group interests

profile information
information listing and describing the background and contacts of members of the grassroots organization

program graphics
distinctive designs, logos, etc., which distinguish the grassroots organization to raise its identity

public affairs coordinators
volunteer or professional staff to handle external communication

public-interest group
non-profit groups with a defined set of interests

quarterly update newsletter
brief document to share information and build team support

rearrange the organization and, often, its support

recruitment procedure
specific, systematic methods to increase grassroots membership

right to representation
right of citizen/constituents to have an elected representative

process by which information is systematically distributed

non-elected, appointed individuals who serve voters without pay and elected representatives for compensation

separate, specialized committee in a full legislative committee

talking points
brief list of ideas used as an outline for comments in a meeting

trade association
group of individuals or companies with a defined set of interests

training module
set of principles, methods and materials to accompany a seminar for training individuals to conduct grassroots activities

combining groups with differences when sharing a grassroots goal

a person, group or company which provides something to another

action taken by a public sector, elected chief executive to block legislation or action by an elected legislative body



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