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In 1990, after a decade of service on Capitol Hill as a senior aide to four United States Senators and Chief of Staff of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Dr. Kevin C. Gottlieb returned to the private sector as president of Kevin Gottlieb & Associates, Inc. (KGA).

Dr. Gottlieb applied his public policy experience to assist public and private sector organizations in forming grassroots networks and participating effectively in federal and state-level policy-making.

In addition to his legislative work in the Senate, Dr. Gottlieb managed three state-wide U.S. Senate election campaigns and one Presidential Exploratory Committee for a major party nominee. This political background, coupled with his formal training in federal and state public policy formulation has enabled KGA to assist its clients on a variety of advocacy-related issues.

Dr. Gottlieb has designed and developed grassroots networks for private companies, non-profit groups, industries and trade associations. As an educator and trainer, he has conducted instructional programs for individuals seeking to understand the public policy process and to influence its direction. The clients of Kevin Gottlieb and Associates include Fortune 500 companies, public utilities, educational institutions, national non-profit organizations, industry trade associations, and community coalitions.

Dr. Gottlieb has been a professor at the university level for thirty years. He received his Ph.D. from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University where he teaches in the Department of Public Administration. His international teaching experience includes: Britain, Sweden, Yugoslavia, and Mexico.

In addition to his teaching and writing on the subjects of public policy and grassroots activity, Dr. Gottlieb is a frequent participant on the public lecture circuit through Kevin Gottlieb and Associates, Inc. and three speakers' agencies.



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